What color to wear if you are a Mother of the Bride in a summer wedding?

Much like spring, longer and warm summer days call for light, flowing dresses. Brighter, more vivid color schemes are generally acceptable. From a highly saturated colors like a fiery orange-red to pinks, and even light blue, color inspiration for summer is endless. And remember, you want your dress to be cool and comfortable. So choose materials like chiffon, organza, or tulle.

Many people associate summer weddings with a brighter color theme, but an understated neutral color makes a perfect dress for the mother of the bride to wear, too. Cream, ivory, blush, mauve, beige, and even champagne are beautiful dress colors. And they look especially good against a summer sun-kissed skin tone. If you’d like a bit of contrast, pair neutrals with an accent color. It can coordinate with the wedding party’s colors, or even the bride’s dress.